We’re 6 Months Old!


There’s a little corner shop in New Squares that, about 7 months ago, had builders, plasters and plumbers coming and going all day long. Some pretty big fridges were carefully squeezed through the front doors. A fancy till system and some hefty looking counter tops made an appearance and the biggest cheese delivery we’d ever seen (well, the biggest cheese delivery we’d seen until this week).

You’ll probably know our Founder Chris – he’s worked in town as a butcher for a quite a while, lives just outside of Penrith and is a lover of all things tasty.

A wee while ago Chris was having a cup of tea with his wife, the gorgeous Ruth, when an idea came drifting into his head. “After leaving my last job, I took a couple of months to mull things over and spend some time with my wife and 4 young boys – there were a lot of nappies to change. I loved what I did before, but taking time out gave me the distance I needed to restock. I didn’t want to work for someone else, I wanted to make a difference in my home town and, most importantly, I wanted to build a business my family would be proud of.”

And 18 months later The Chopping Block opened – a family run, independent with an eye for quality and a flair for the delicious. We were a little later than planned, but as with all the good things in life (wine, cheese and a well hung steak) you can’t rush perfection.

Now that was a few months ago, and today at 11:30am we are 6 months old. It’s been quite a ride since we flung open our doors in June, not really sure how we were going to be received and absolutely terrified.
We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs getting to this point but we wouldn’t change a thing (well, maybe we would have installed a radiator in our chilly little office).
It seems like ‘thank you’ just isn’t enough when we look back at our journey so far – words can’t really describe how grateful we are for the support we’ve had from you all. Opening a family run, self-funded independent is scary, but we are so proud of what we’ve accomplished and cannot wait to continue the adventure and see what the future holds for us.

Ta very much to our talented suppliers, loving family and friends and incredible customers for all you’ve done for us these past few months.
Thank you to our phenomenal team – Jackie, George, Paul, Dave, Katie, Cassie, Robyn, Katie and Ethan. You’ve helped make the dream a reality and we couldn’t do it without you.
Thank you to Ruth and the Boys. You keep us going each and every day with your smiles and keep our feet on the ground (the lovely pictures of the boss below were drawn by them) – without your love and support we couldn’t do what we do.
And finally thanks to Chris – the head of our little team and driving force behind The Chopping Block. Your vision and constant push for perfection makes us who we are.

Now that’s enough thank yous – we have a lot of pigs in blankets to wrap!

6-months-old-image-1 6-months-old-image-2



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