Great British Artisan Cheese

Each of our deli cheeses has been carefully chosen to be certain there’s something for everyone, with an emphasis on Great British artisan cheese. From our saltiest Artisan Roquefort to a dense, creamy Cheddar and everything in between – pop in, have a taste and we’ll help you build the perfect Cheese Board.

After something with a little more bite? In addition to cheese, you’ll find delicious charcuterie in our counter too. The staples – Iberico Chorizo, crafted with lean Iberico Pork and smoky, sweet Pimentón or Venison & Pork Salami (well, it’s a staple in our eyes) with deep Scottish Venison and Pork seasoned with subtle cracked Black Peppercorns. To something a little more usual – locally made Citrus Nduja by Stonehouse Smokery, just outside Carlisle, or Fennel Salami created with Cornish Lop Pork paired with gently smoked Fennel Seeds for a delicate aniseed flavour.

And of course our favourite cheese & charcuterie accompaniments – slow baked Dotatto Figs, local Farmhouse Chutney and, if you’re feeling completely decadent, Acacia Honey with Black Truffle.

‘Which are our favourite cheeses’ you ask? You’ll always find these beauties in our counter, all of them excellent examples of Great British artisan cheese…

Colston Bassett Stilton
The best Stilton we could find! Crafted in Nottingham, this is one of the last remaining hand-ladled Stilton’s, giving it a gloriously smooth and creamy texture. Rich and full flavoured, this is one cheese not to miss.

Sharpham Devon ‘Brie’
Often described as a Brie, this rich Coulommier style cheese (which just means it’s smaller and thicker than Brie) is made from the milk of Sharpham Estate’s Jersey cows. Buttery yet delicate with an unctuous texture, it’s an absolute must for your cheese platter.

Rachel Goat’s Cheese
Probably the most highly decorated cheese we have, Rachel has won more awards than you can shake a stick at. A semi-hard, rind washed cheese with a sweet, nutty flavour and smooth texture. Rumour has it that the maker named this cheese after an old flame – “sweet, curvy and a little nutty…”

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