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Our Top Foodie Spots

It’ll be no surprise to you that we absolutely adore food and drink. When we’re deciding what treats to fill our shop with, we have a very simple rule – do we love it? If we don’t like it, it won’t be in the shop. It’s the reason we don’t sell Biltong (I just can’t […]

Pasta, my everlasting love

I think pasta has a bad reputation in the UK and it breaks my heart. We’ve all eaten those sad Tuna Pasta Bakes with far too little sauce and far too much rubbery cheddar on the top, or that mass produced Mac’n’Cheese which tastes only of flour. My love affair with pasta began early. Apparently […]

We’re 6 months old!

There’s a little corner shop in New Squares that, about 7 months ago, had builders, plasters and plumbers coming and going all day long. Some pretty big fridges were carefully squeezed through the front doors. A fancy till system and some hefty looking counter tops made an appearance and the biggest cheese delivery we’d ever […]