Phew, it’s Christmas

Phew – the last pigs-in-blankets are sold, our doors are shut, we’ve got the jingles on… it’s finally Christmas.

I don’t need to tell you how odd this year has been for us all. Who could have predicted this time last year what a strange limbo we’d be thrown into – home schooling, Joe Wicks workout-ing, loo roll panic buying, social distancing, family shielding and lots of at home drinking. 

Back in August, Chris and I were pulling some treats from our shelves one evening, to build a display in the shop for Love Lamb Week. We got to talking about festive displays (we’d just received our first Christmas delivery) and how impossible it would be to communicate what this year has meant for us in our little shop windows. Then we remembered – the most important lesson we’d learnt this year – friends, family and food. These were the things that kept so many of us plodding along when things were overwhelming – friends, family and, the only routine many of us had for a while, food. 

Our team is the family we’ve built for ourselves. We sometimes bicker, there’s a LOT of playful teasing but we love each other. Particularly during the first lock-down, when the doors were closed and we were busy working on home deliveries – we got to know the facets of each other very well.

They have dealt with masks, chapped hands from constant washing and the frustration of the public when we’ve needed to implement ever changing, confusing rules with grace and never ending positivity.

We realised the only option for our window was to celebrate our Chopping Block family. So while you’ve been walking by the past couple of weeks, chin tucked into your collar and bundled up in a cosy scarf, you may have noticed some photos in our window. Take a closer look and you’ll see these pictures are full of smiling faces. Those faces are of our team and their families. 

Every one of those faces helped make us who we are and we couldn’t have got through this year without them. So cheers to our friends – the family we choose for ourselves. Our family – the ones we can’t choose but who taught us so much. And food – the thing that brings us all together. 

Big love and Merry Christmas,
The Chopping Block x

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