Family, Friends & Food



We’ve all seen those end of the world films… a meteor is on its way, Bruce Willis has failed to blow it up and the people are having full-blown End of Days parties in the streets. 

In March, when I picked up my last takeaway for 3 months (The Courtyard in Penrith – I can’t recommend them enough) there was a strange vibe in town. Pubs and restaurants had been ordered to close that night and the atmosphere in the streets was the closest to End of Days I have ever felt.

I’m not sure about you, but since that night I’ve felt a bit stuck in limbo. Lockdown cemented in my mind what matters the most to me – family, friends and food. It’s the people that made our family-friendly shop so wonderful and, without my wonderful team and friendly customers around me, things felt empty.

But now, 4 months since the last cup of coffee and slice of Lemon Drizzle were served in our café, we’re ready to reopen our family-friendly shop from Thurs 23rd July!

Things will be a little different than before – you’ll have more room inside, there’s hand sanitiser dotted around, service may take a little longer (due to our enhanced cleaning procedures) and, sound the trumpets, we’ve finally been granted permission for outdoor seating!

And to celebrate, we’re giving away a free Chocolate Aragostine (a tasty Italian treat) with every coffee you buy between 23rd-25th July (just sign up to our subscribers list and show us your welcome email).

The Chopping Block may have felt empty for a while, but there’s nothing like the sound of friends catching up over a pot of tea to remind you of the important things in life, and with much of the summer season still to come, you can take advantage of the new outdoor seating!

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