DIY Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

Craving a cheese and charcuterie platter? You are not alone! In fact, you would be a stranger to Instagram to have not seen the trend in grazing platters becoming a BIG thing over the past 12 months. And when we spot a trend that involves cheese, charcuterie and nibbles, you know we’re going to be into it in a huge way!

These decadent grazing banquets are a work of art when done properly and, the joyful news is, they’re SO easy to do at home. All you need for your cheese & charcuterie platter is a bit of time, a chopping board, knife, a serving platter and a selection of your favourite cheese, cured meats and tasty accompaniments. Whether it’s for your entire extended family or just a romantic evening in, I guarantee everyone will be mightily impressed by your skills.

The Queens of platters are Grape & Fig (seriously, feast your eyes on their Brie based numbers) and they’ve created a foolproof way to craft your own delicious platter at home…


Fan It Out

Take your cheese and slice it reasonably thinly, giving you lovely long pieces. Fan them out on your serving platter, focusing on a couple of the edges and corners.

Edge It Up

Slice your fruit into half-moons (citrus works best for this) and place them along the edges of your platter.

Pile It On

Create a few piles of olives, pickles, dried fruits, whatever extra nibbles you’ve chosen. Fold your slices of charcuterie in half and half again so they add more depth to your display.

Fill It In

Fill in the gaps with more nibbles, fruit and a few crackers or hunks of bread for snacking across your board.

Make It Pop

Add a few finishing touches, glistening pomegranate seeds or springs of fresh herbs look great and a dollop of fresh honeycomb is a must for any light young cheese you’ve chosen.  

Show It Off

Sit back, have a glass of wine and wait for the glowing compliments to roll in from your guests!

If you want a bit of inspiration watch their video here to see the masters at work. 

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