A Christmas Breakfast for Kings

In our house, the decadence starts immediately on the 25th December. If you can’t have a breakfast worthy of Kings on Christmas Day then when can you?!

Food is such an integral part of the festive season. It sustains you on those cold Boxing Day walks, gives you something to talk about when the chat has dried up and allows us all to indulge in a touch of gluttony. Every home has different traditions, but more often than not the day starts with some hearty grub and a glass of fizz next to your Yorkshire tea. 

However you start your day whether it’s breakie then presents, stockings at the table or straight into full present pandemonium with short breaks for snacks, we’ve pulled together the ultimate Christmas Breakfasts because, let’s be honest… we all deserve a bloody good Christmas this year!

Smoked Salmon –

We start with Bagels, Croissants, Cream cheese and Smoked Salmon. All washed down with Bucks Fizz of course. Sounds simple but my god it’s delicious! Get your hands on a tin of ready to bake Croissants if you can and, to start the day off right, we go for Whiskey Cured Smoked Salmon by Pished Fish. Slowly smoked and hand carved into thick slices, it’s the best smoked salmon we’ve had. Ever. Top with fresh Dill fronds and peppery Radishes and you’re good to go.

Butchers Breakfast – 

Our butcher Jonny always starts Christmas morning with a full English Breakfast. Never mind that he normally tucks into two Christmas lunches afterwards (one with his parents, the second at the In-Laws), it must be a full breakfast – no excuses.
His one stipulation is that the eggs are runny and the sausages, our own Cumberlands of course, should be dunked into Hawkshead Relish’s Tomato Ketchup. 

Pancakes – 

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love Pancake Day, so it makes total sense to have a fluffy stack of deliciousness on 25th December. Whether you prefer yours savoury (Wild Mushroom, Spinach and Gruyere topped with a golden fried Egg is always a winner) or sweet (Maple Syrup and crispy Streaky Bacon is a classic for a reason), there’s not many breakfasts that feel as celebratory as pancakes.

Kedgeree Tarts – 

One for those of us whose festive traditions include partaking in one too many drinks on Christmas Eve – one of these washed down with a spiced Bloody Mary with sort you out for the present chaos ahead! This Jamie Oliver recipe is super straight forward and easy to make the day before. Just pop them in the fridge over night and sling them in the oven when you emerge in a daze on Christmas morning.


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