We’re 6 Months Old!


There’s a little corner shop in New Squares that, about 7 months ago, had builders, plasters and plumbers coming and going all day long. Some pretty big fridges were carefully squeezed through the front doors. A fancy till system and some hefty looking counter tops made an appearance and the biggest cheese delivery we’d ever seen (well, the biggest cheese delivery we’d seen until this week).Read more

A Drama Free Christmas


Christmas Day is barrelling towards us at a terrifying pace, so we asked our family and friends for their top tips to help you get organised and arrive at your Christmas table with festive cheer aplenty and as little drama as possible.Read more

Build Your Own Christmas Hamper


Nothing says Christmas like a hamper overflowing with decadent luxuries you’d never think twice about buying at any other time of year. They’re a festive tradition for many of us, but hampers filled with the best seasonal goodies don’t always come in cheap.Read more

Beer & Curry – What a Pair!


There’s not many things I love more than Beer, but Beer with a cosy Curry is the ultimate treat. And since it’s National Curry Week, we thought we’d match some of our favourite Beers with a classic Curry – as if we need an excuse to have a bottle with dinner…

Tandoori Chicken with Siren’s Breakfast Stout

The smoky heat of Tandoori Chicken makes so much sense with a dark, creamy beer.Read more

Our Perfect Garden Party

The nights are getting longer and a lazy summer atmosphere has descended… it’s officially bbq season!

Unsurprisingly (we are butchers after all) we completely love an outdoor evening filled with the smell of burning charcoal, juicy steaks and sweet caramelised onions.Read more

What exactly is Dry Aged Beef?

Dry Aging is the traditional and, in our opinion, ultimate way of storing and maturing meat.

Moisture evaporates from the muscle creating a deeper flavour (that’s why beef shrinks as it’s matured) and natural enzymes break down the meat making it much more tender.Read more