DIY Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

You would be a stranger to Instagram to have not seen the trend in grazing platters becoming a BIG thing over the past 12 months. And when we spot a trend that involves cheese, charcuterie and nibbles, you know we’re going to be into it in a huge way!Read more

Steak 101

We’ve all been there – stood in front of a Butcher’s Counter and can’t quite decide which steak to go for. The person in front of you leaves far too quickly and you end up making a split-second choice between Rib Eye and Rump whilst simultaneously forgetting which cut your partner prefers.Read more

Shop Local, Support Local

The Chopping Block About Us

You’ve probably heard the £5 message a lot over the past couple of years…

If every adult in the UK spent £5 each week in their local shops and businesses (instead of online, at the supermarket or with big multinationals), it would be worth £13.5 billion going directly back into our towns.Read more

Keeping It Simple

“What was the best thing you ate during lock-down?”

This is my new favourite question.
During lock-down I think we all, even those of us who are culinarily challenged, cooked something we normally wouldn’t. And let’s be honest, what else did we have to look forward to if it wasn’t seeing if that Banana Bread would actually rise (even though it was cobbled together with random bits of flour from the back of the cupboard)?
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Family, Friends & Food


We’ve all seen those end of the world films… a meteor is on it’s way, Bruce Willis has failed to blow it up and the people are having full blown End of Days parties in the streets. 

In March, when I picked up my last take-away for 3 months (The Courtyard in Penrith – I can’t recommend them enough) there was a strange vibe in town.Read more

It’s our Birthday!

1 year.

One whole year to the day since we flung open our doors and found ourselves at the sharp end.

A year of laughter, hard work, an obscene amount of Cumberland sausages and a hell of a learning curve.

It’s a cliché, but if you’d have told me what we’d be facing in our first 12 months, I would’ve definitely paused a little longer before opening those doors.Read more

Our Chopping Block Family

Two weeks ago today marked 9 months since we opened our doors. It wasn’t quite the celebratory mood for us, with growing uncertainty around Covid-19 and social distancing coming into place.

Luckily, we’ve been inundated with the most wonderful messages of support and thanks and, with the mornings a little brighter and blossoms beginning to burst, we’re feeling pretty positive about the future.

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Our Top Foodie Spots


It’ll be no surprise to you that we absolutely adore food and drink.
When we’re deciding what treats to fill our shop with, we have a very simple rule – do we love it? If we don’t like it, it won’t be in the shop.Read more

Pasta, My Everlasting Love


I think pasta has a bad reputation in the UK and it breaks my heart.
We’ve all eaten those sad Tuna Pasta Bakes with far too little sauce and far too much rubbery cheddar on the top, or that mass produced Mac’n’Cheese which tastes only of flour.Read more