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The Ultimate Bonfire Night Get Together

In case you didn’t already know, we absolutely love autumn at The Chopping Block. Cosy jumpers, hearty stews, kicking dry leaves along the path and, oh go on then, just one more glass of red wine – what’s not to love? Bonfire Night, in our humble opinion, is the most exciting evening of the season. […]

Beer & Curry – What a Pair!

There’s not many things I love more than Beer, but Beer with a cosy Curry is the ultimate treat. And since it’s National Curry Week, we thought we’d match some of our favourite Beers with a classic Curry – as if we need an excuse to have a bottle with dinner…   Tandoori Chicken with […]

What exactly is Dry Aged Beef?

Dry ageing is the traditional and, in our opinion, ultimate way of storing and maturing meat. You traditionally hang beef for 28-35 days, in which time the meat begins to change.Moisture evaporates from the muscle – creating a deeper flavour (that’s why proper dry aged beef shrinks) – and the natural enzymes further break down […]