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Penrith’s Best Kept Foodie Secret

Our corner is a bustling little spot in Penrith, founded by Chris – our Head Chopper and lover of tasty treats. We’re a small but perfectly formed team, working with handpicked, independent suppliers to bring you a Butcher, Deli & Café that’s a cut above in every way… pun 100% intended.

The Founder

Chris moved into hospitality after graduating university and has worked as a butcher locally for a wee while. He’s known for his wicked laugh and love of good food.

“After leaving my last job, I took a couple of months to mull things over and spend some time with my Wife and 4 young boys – there were a lot of nappies to change. I loved what I did before, but taking time out gave me the distance I needed to take stock. I didn’t want to work for someone else, I wanted to make a difference in my home town and, most importantly, I wanted to build a business my family would be proud of.”

So here we are… a family run, independent with an eye for quality and a flair for the delicious. We flung open our doors in June 2019 and we can’t wait to see you in the shop soon!

Our Values

We think there’s a really exciting time ahead for independent British food and drink and we are proud to be a fiercely independent and family-run business.

We’re passionate about the provenance of everything we offer – championing sustainable, exceptional ingredients and high welfare livestock. Using a mix of local and national suppliers, we’ve curated a shop of quality goodies you probably won’t find elsewhere near here – because life’s too short to eat mediocre food.


As a young family business, it’s incredibly important to us to be as sustainable as possible. We’re not perfect and sometimes we slip up, but we always try our best – read more about what we’re doing to reduce our environmental impact.

So when you visit our shop, you’ll notice a few differences …

  • Our freshly prepared meat and cheese is sold in waxed paper (best for keeping our produce fresh and recyclable)
  • We actively seek produce with low food miles
  • Our waste plastic, tin, glass, cardboard and cooking oil are all recycled
  • We don’t sell drinks in plastic – it’s cans or glass bottles for us
  • We cook everything for our café fresh, on site giving us very little food waste (and any left overs are donated to Chris’ chickens at home – they’re the best fed birds in Cumbria)
  • We donate any excess food to the local Salvation Army Food Bank

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